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Sometimes life can be so overwhelming or empty that we can start to feel low in mood or depressed. Sometimes we can become depressed for no obvious reason. Either way, when we feel low it can affect every area of life from our relationships to our work or education, to our ability to do routine day to day things. We might procrastinate or struggle to concentrate or become forgetful. We might lose interest in doing anything, or we might still be doing things that we normally enjoy but we just don’t get that same sense of joy anymore. Our weight may change, our energy and motivation levels may plummet and we can feel incredibly isolated. We may feel like no matter how much we sleep, we never feel refreshed – or perhaps we can’t sleep at all. Perhaps we become more tearful or feel hopeless, worthless or guilty and have thoughts of suicide. We may feel nothing at all, we are numb. If you relate to some or all of the above, you may be experiencing depression.  Depression can affect us all, at any time no matter our circumstances. If we are human, we can become depressed.


CBT can help us to break out of the cycle of depression by making changes to the way that we think and what we are doing day to day. We start small so as not to overwhelm ourselves and slowly we can build back our resilience and get back to ourselves. Sometimes past experiences can be part of what makes us feel depressed and EMDR can help us process and move through those past experiences so that they don't disturb us so much. Yoga Therapy can help by more directly increasing physical energy, reducing tension and improving mental clarity. It can help us to feel physically stronger which can in turn translate to us feeling psychologically more resilient. With its strong mindfulness element, yoga therapy can encourage us to step back and view unhelpful thoughts in different ways so they don’t impact us so much. If you need help managing depression or low mood, get in touch and let’s talk about how therapy can help you.

You can read more about Depression and Low Mood here.

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