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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy takes a different approach in comparison to traditional therapies by more directly addressing both the physiological and psychological aspects of increased stress. I work within The Minded Institute model of yoga therapy which draws on a combination of yoga postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and mindfulness techniques to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Informed by the latest scientific thinking, clients are able to gain an understanding of how these practices can provide both short and long term regulation for a nervous system that has become unbalanced. Not only will you be learning how to promote a sense of wellbeing for your mind, you'll be providing physical conditioning for your body. Anybody can benefit whether it be that you want to tame unruly stress or keep it in check as a preventative measure. You need not be experienced in yoga or mindfulness to appreciate the benefits.

Clients with stress, anxiety and depression can work in a group setting on the Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 week course. The course is made up of 8 two-hourly sessions with each session following a specific theme related to healing, building on cumulative principles and practises from the previous weeks. Clients are taught how to work with breath, body and mind, learning to self-regulate using the tools that they already hold and can call on at anytime. For those who prefer to work individually private sessions can be arranged at a time to suit you. Private sessions provide an opportunity for us to work together on a deeper level to tailor a programme specific to your current needs. *Please note, whilst yoga therapy can be helpful in the management of symptoms of PTSD, the 8 week course does not cover this and instead private sessions are recommended so as to be able to tailor a PTSD focused approach on a more individual basis.

The next Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 week course will be held at MoreYoga Tower Bridge on Saturdays, weekly at 2.30-4.30pm starting Saturday 5th October 2024 with the last class on Saturday 23rd November. You can find out more about the course here and info for booking can be found on the Moreyoga website here.     

If you prefer to arrange private yoga therapy sessions, generally a minimum of six sessions are recommended for an individual to see results.


£90 Zoom / £105 in person for 50 minutes

(Please note an additional £5 supplement applies for sessions between 5-8pm)

I can offer a free 5-10 minute enquiry call if you would like to discuss any uncertainties before arranging an initial consultation. You can contact me here to discuss your needs, book an initial consultation or register your interest in the 8 week course. Whilst efforts are made to protect data, in using electronic communication methods (internet, email, messaging, phone) some degree of risk of interception remains and no data transmission via these electronic means can be guaranteed to be 100% be secure.

I also teach cover yoga classes at Triyoga. I don't teach regularly however I post details of any upcoming classes here and here. Dropping into a class can be an opportunity to have a quick chat about your needs, and whilst a yoga class isn't a substitute for yoga therapy, it can however be a starting point to explore if a more body-based way of working, such as yoga therapy, is something that appeals to you.


“I found this course very helpful. I had always been sceptical about yoga and other complimentary treatments for my depression and anxiety, but this course dispelled all that. It has given me a new and powerful way to help myself.” 

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