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My Approach

As a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, EMDR and Yoga Therapist, I can work within either of these approaches or in a more integrative way combining aspects from these different therapies. I also draw on mindfulness, compassion and acceptance based approaches. By drawing on these different ways of working, together we can develop a holistic, unique treatment plan that best meets your individual needs and enables you to work towards the changes that you would like to make.

I have a genuine curiosity to understand and help clients overcome difficulties and take care to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space. I am based in a psychotherapy practice in Shoreditch, next to Liverpool Street Station however I see most of my clients remotely via Zoom as remote therapy has become a popular and convenient mode of accessing therapy.

As individuals, our experience and requirements of therapy can vary from person to person. A typical course of therapy lasts between 12 – 20 weekly sessions, dependant on your clinical and practical needs. However, some people prefer to work on a more short-term basis, in which case we can agree a specific goal and a realistic time frame with which to work on it. Other people prefer to work in a more open-ended way and end sessions once they feel that therapy’s no longer required. We can discuss this in your assessment session and review as we proceed through therapy.

I also teach cover yoga classes at Triyoga. I don't teach regularly however I post details of any upcoming classes here and here. Dropping into a class can be an opportunity to have a quick chat about your needs, and whilst a yoga class isn't a substitute for yoga therapy, it can however be a starting point to explore if a more body-based way of working, such as yoga therapy, is something that appeals to you.

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