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Low Self-Esteem

How we feel about ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel and how we approach life. If we have healthy self-esteem we feel we are a person of worth however when our self-esteem is low we do not value ourselves or appreciate our qualities. If we have low self-esteem we may feel like we are failing in all areas of our life such as in our friendships, intimate relationships, career, education, family life, financially. When we feel this way we don’t feel confident enough to seize opportunities and so our-feelings of self-worth intensify. We may have healthy self-esteem but sometimes life can knock us down in a way that leaves us lacking in confidence in one or two aspects of our life. Low self-esteem or lack of confidence can leave us feeling anxious when we anticipate that things won’t go our way and low when we shy away from opportunity.


CBT can help us to explore the beliefs we have our about ourselves and understand how they are affecting us and impacting our lives. It can teach us ways to manage our anxieties so that we are less inclined to shy away from activities and opportunities and help us to develop a more compassionate approach toward ourselves which allows us to nurture rather than criticise ourselves. As our view of ourselves starts to shift, our confidence and self-esteem improves. Sometimes past experiences can be part of what maintains our low self-esteem and EMDR can help us process and move through those past experiences so that they don't disturb us so much. Yoga Therapy can help by more directly reducing physical anxiety and developing our strength and faith in ourselves. With its strong mindfulness element, yoga therapy can encourage us to step back and view the beliefs we have about ourselves in a different light so they don’t impact us so much. If you need help managing low self-esteem or low confidence, get in touch and let’s talk about how therapy can help you.

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