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Everything is interconnected

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I haven't taken to blogging exclusively about TED talks(!), however I came across this and really loved it. Camille Seaman begins her “Photos from a Storm Chaser” TED talk by stating that “everything is interconnected”.

As a yoga practitioner, this particularly resonated with me; yoga teaches us that despite the illusion or “maya” which creates the experience of us living as separate entities, separate beings, we are actually all one, a collective contributing to a higher consciousness. To hear this in a different context in arguably a more tangible way, i.e through waters cycle of life, reiterated its truth to me and I wanted to share Camille’s opening words:

"Everything is interconnected. As a Shinnecock Indian, I was raised to know this. We are a small fishing tribe situated on the southeastern tip of Long Island near the town of Southampton in New York. When I was a little girl, my grandfather took me to sit outside in the sun on a hot summer day. There were no clouds in the sky. And after a while I began to perspire. And he pointed up to the sky, and he said, "Look, do you see that? That's part of you up there. That's your water that helps to make the cloud that becomes the rain that feeds the plants that feeds the animals."

You can view Camille's TED talk here.

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