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Spring Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 week course with MoreYoga

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

As Spring approaches, I’m looking forward to running the Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8-week course with MoreYoga in April and May. It’ll be great to be back teaching in person for the first time since pre-pandemic.

The course will be on Saturdays from 2-4pm, 2nd April – 28th May, please note there will be no class on Sat 14th May. If you’d like to learn some holistic ways to manage stress, anxiety, low mood and depression, or if you’re feeling well and you’d like some extra skills for your kitbag, this may be for you.

If you’d like to know more about the course, I made a short video about it here.

There’s also lots of info on my website and the MoreYoga website where you’ll also be able to book a space:

And finally, some comments from those who’ve done the course with me before:

"The course gave me a new and powerful way to help myself"

"I learned techniques that helped me to focus instead of running away from my thoughts"

"Using a mixture of breathing techniques and postures I can immediately feel more grounded, stimulated and energised"

"Building up from the basics of breathing and body sensations to the more difficult mindfulness practice was better than diving straight into mindfulness"


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